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Y Saturday, January 19, 2008Y
11:16 PM
long long havent been updating my diary.. so many things done but yet forgotten.. lolxx

Today was a long day.. went to Long SHifu place with ah neo to see her luck for 2008.. n it was a good one for her :) happily.. she went to citigems to buy a present for herself.. it was a nice diamond ring which she got a 50% discount from her birthday voucher.. but she has to wait till Wednesday to collect as her size has no stock in that branch...

after tt.. i meet up with dar to Toh Guan to buy Wine for our dinner... we confirm on a australian wine - Redhill Creeks. It tasted not bad so we decided to take it as we couldnt find the exact one as what holiday inn is giving us for complimentary... then we meet up with Ivan to finalised on the wedding theme n favours. We took a actual view of the room as both the changi room and atrium ballroom are having dinner tonight.. we decided on the crystal theme as it seem like the better one...

Our stomache then start calling for food then we decided to go bukit panjang to eat.. as there has cafe cartel and M1 shop.. dar wanted to eat cafe cartel as the st louis ribs now is having promo.. 12.80 instead of 15.60.. great bargain.. Emily happened to be working and she given us a treat.. Thanks Emily.. :)

then we walked around the M1 shop.. after walking in and out of the shop.. we decided on Doopod C730.. as my HP 6816 is quite old now.. and Doopod C730 has Wi-fi, 3.5G and keypad.. however,.. i aiming dar HTC Touch Dual and might exchange with him.. lolxxx (he just bought 3 days ago also),..HTC Touch DUal is only exclusive to Singtel thus i got no chance to buy..

then now finally i home and not tired to open my laptop and posting on my blog.. haha.. but i going to dismantle my christmas tree.. lolxx.. will be updating again

Y Tuesday, January 15, 2008Y
1:28 AM
Hen Party - 12 January 2008

Me - first one to be married out and those 38 seem so eager to sabo me.. haha..

First programe on list - Weijing with me to Vivo to enjoy a pampering mani and pedi... relaxing treat (but i know something bad will come)
Second - We took the train and proceed to Sentosa to meet up with Jujin, Liting and Meiyan... i have to find my present one whole of Palawan beach.. Hint*to get one.. need a pic with a yandao (oh no.. but not even one on the whole beach) i have taken with a 'so so" guy and a waiter at work haha.. as it is going to rain.. the gers give me more hints inorder not to be soak wet haha.. The present - a sexy 2 pc lingerie.. OMG - a bad sigh
Third - i was blindfolded to the car.. where are they driving me?? erm.. erm..
We went reach a hotel in Queen's Street (near bugis).. the gers had the room all decorated with balloons.. a room all prepared for some games...

everyone took turns for their bath and time for some sabo.. haha.. the rest is all up to your imagation.. haha..

Y Monday, December 24, 2007Y
3:25 PM
Merry ChristmaS to everyone.. HoHoHo...

This year christmas is rather quiet as Weijing is off to Korea, Jujin off to Vietnam and Liting off to Genting..
So our christmas is BBQ with Dar's frens... as usual we went to buy the food in the morning and bbq at night.. after that.. gifts exchange and i rec'd a organiser and dar a "mouse".. haha....

How i wish i can see snow in christmas... *hope* haha....

Y Monday, December 17, 2007Y
5:17 PM
Guo Da Li (16 December 2007)

Today is our GDL cum An Shung Day.. it was stilla bit far from our wedding but it is the nearest auspicious weekend from our wedding..

Me and dar woke up around 7 to change bed sheets so it become "New".. hehe.. then we stock count all the necessary once again - cakes, pig trotters, all the misc items etc.. quite a handful to carry..

Me (the bride) still have to help carry up on behalf of the groom.. haha.. no choice.. there is no mei ren.. after the event over.. we have to go over distribute cakes and invitation cards to relatives and i finally saw many relatives i havent seen before in my lfe.. lolxxx...

Y Wednesday, December 12, 2007Y
12:59 AM
We have our first christmas tree for this 2007.. hehe.. it was a great bargain from Aqua Trading in Yishun Central. It costs only $19 for a 5-ft tall christmas tree and all their decorations has a 30% off. We decided to make it simple for this year round to save costs.. hehe..

Y Thursday, December 6, 2007Y
12:31 PM
Now is exam period again.. struggling with my last paper once more.. P1 - Professional Accountant.. all on theory.. now time this paper is being tested as new syabullus.. hopefully it wont be a tough one.. i just hope for 50 marks.. lolxx...

Y Tuesday, December 4, 2007Y
11:55 AM
After these few days of sourcing.. we have finally fixed on the itnerary for our Australia Trip.. remember i say the last time.. we will go gold coast and sydney.. now we have changed our plan to go another place - Hobart in Tasmania.. hee.. just extending two more nights in Australia.. so here is the finalised update of the itnerary:

26 Apr 0030 Depart Singapore for Sydney via SQ
26~28 Apr: Two nights stay in Quality Cambridge Hotel @ Riley Street
28 Apr 0855 Depart Sydney for Hobart via Virgin Blue
28~30 Apr: Two nights stay in Hobart Macquarie @ Macquarie Street
30 Apr 1200 Depart Hobart for Gold Coast via Virgin Blue
30Apr~4May: Four nights stay at Rays Resort @ Southport
4 May 2345 Depart Brisbane for Singapore

What left now is the car rental which can be booked later..

Total: 5 days leave to be taken.. can be 4 days if Monday morning we are still strong enough to go back work.. lolxx.... cant wait for April to come..